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From a Beginner with No Sales and Marketing Skills to the Owner of Several Successful Brands

In 2015, Tina Striker embarked on what became a life-changing journey in the world of e-commerce. Without a single product but with a determination to succeed, she stepped into the realm of selling physical products on Amazon. The path wasn’t always easy; it was filled with ups and downs, challenges that would have deterred many. But not Tina. Her unwavering determination and willingness to put in the necessary work were the driving forces behind her ascent to becoming a highly successful Amazon seller.

Tina’s approach to success has always been rooted in continuous learning. While she is an active member of multiple masterminds, absorbing and sharing experiences with other successful business owners, she attributes her deepest insights to her own experiences, particularly learning from her own mistakes. This hands-on, real-world knowledge became the cornerstone of her expertise.

Always being a teacher at heart, and passionate about serving people, Tina decided to share her acquired knowledge with other action-takers. As an Amazon FBA and accountability coach, Tina’s mission is clear: to empower aspiring Amazon sellers and action-takers to create their own success stories.

Through group coaching, personalized accountability calls, and one-on-one coaching, Tina guides both newcomers and advanced Amazon sellers. Her one-on-one coaching style is tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual, ensuring they are equipped to achieve the freedom lifestyle they aspire to.

Life for Tina isn’t just about business success; it’s about balance and fulfillment. Happily married to Simon since 2012 and a proud mother to Lana and Luka, she embodies the freedom lifestyle she advocates. For Tina, success is creating a profitable Amazon business that supports the life she cherishes with her family.

Now, Tina is eager to share her proven frameworks with fellow action-takers at e-com BOSS Academy. Her story is a testament to what dedication, resilience, and the right guidance can achieve. And she’s here to help you write your own success story.

    Tina Striker as Recognized Leader, Contributor and Speaker in e-commerce World

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    From Struggling in E-Commerce to Mastering Profit Maximization

    In 2019, Simon Striker embarked on the e-commerce world with optimism, launching his own Shopify store to sell physical products online. At the time, he believed that simply having an online presence was enough to guarantee e-commerce success.

    However, the reality was more challenging than he anticipated. Despite efforts in social media and Google advertising, profitability remained elusive, and Simon found himself making a loss with every sale.

    Determined to succeed, Simon, a firm believer in continuous learning, immersed himself in various coaching programs. He actively participated in numerous hot seats, seeking solutions that would work for his online store challenges. Yet, the breakthrough he needed seemed just out of reach, until he discovered a key to profitable e-commerce selling.

    This revelation was the turning point. Simon not only stopped the losses but began to make substantial profits. He then developed a proprietary framework whose implementation increased the number of new customers, maximized their average order value, and drove repeat purchases, transforming his Shopify store into a peak profit e-commerce.

    Understanding the frustration of not finding appropriate help in e-commerce when needed, Simon decided to share his success formula with other e-commerce owners. He knew his e-commerce coaching could empower others facing similar struggles.

    Despite being an active coach, Simon continues to sell physical products online, constantly refining his methods and sharing these fresh insights with aspiring action-takers. His role as an accountability coach in e-commerce further ensures that his students not only learn but also effectively implement and stay committed to building highly profitable e-commerce.

    For Simon, success is more than just business achievement; it’s about living a freedom lifestyle. A life where you can be time and financially-free, and most importantly, enjoy it with your loved ones.

    Why Did We Launch e-com BOSS Academy?

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    At e-com BOSS, we are driven by a fundamental belief: everyone deserves to live a freedom lifestyle. We envision a life where individuals are not just financially independent but also have the freedom of time – the ultimate luxury in today’s fast-paced world.

    We firmly believe that building a highly profitable e-commerce business is the most effective pathway to achieving this freedom lifestyle. It’s not just about financial gains; it’s about creating a life that balances success with personal fulfillment.

    Furthermore, we believe that the traditional office setting is outdated. The future belongs to flexible work environments where people are free to work from anywhere – this is the essence of the laptop lifestyle.

    Whether it’s from the comfort of your home, a local coffee shop, or a beach on the other side of the world, the ability to pick up your laptop and work from any location represents true freedom. This lifestyle not only offers convenience but also opens the door to new experiences and inspirations, essential for personal and professional growth.

    This is precisely why we established e-com BOSS Academy. Our goal is to help action-takers transform this vision into reality. Here, we equip you with the skills, strategies, and support to build your own thriving e-commerce business and live the laptop lifestyle.

    e-com BOSS Academy is more than just a coaching platform; it’s a gateway to the freedom lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


    We are Tina and Simon Striker and since we met each other our dreams were to build a successful online business that would allow us to live a freedom lifestyle.

    We bought a course on how to sell on the Amazon marketplace and we soon started our journey as Amazon sellers. But the beginnings were not as easy as they claimed in the course.

    After more than two years of testing, “failing” and struggling, we were finally able to crack our way into being profitable Amazon sellers and in the following year, we scaled our sales to 7 figures per year.

    We thought we finally built our profitable business, but we soon realized it was not our business. We were only sellers, working for Amazon. “Our success” depended on Amazon’s policies and changes in their ranking algorithm.

    Simon had just quit his corporate job when sales suddenly dropped by half. A difficult period of low sales followed, when we were dealing with design patent infringement, the PPC agency almost bankrupted us, and so on.

    At that point, we knew that we needed to change something.

    As we already had a lot of success selling on Amazon, we decided to crush “commodity selling” competitors on Amazon and scale our e-com empire off-Amazon.

    While Tina specialized in branding, product differentiation, irresistible offer creation and price leadership (how to profitably be a price leader in your category), Simon specialized in marketing and selling physical products with e-com funnels.

    We continue to sell physical products online (on and off Amazon), generating more than a seven-figure income annually.

    And because we felt firsthand how difficult it is when you have no one to help you in difficult moments, when everything seems to be going downhill, we decided to establish the e-com BOSS Academy. So that we can help others walk the path we walked alone.

    Constant education, decision, focus, discipline and persistence towards our goal help us to stay on top of the game and push towards our next goal: 8 figures in sales per year.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us in our e-com BOSS Academy and start living your dreams.

    Living the Freedom Lifestyle

    For Everyone It’s Different, But Here’s How We Enjoy It. 

    e-com BOSS Freedom Lifestyle

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