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Are you struggling to find a way to win the Amazon game? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of unproven online tactics that promise a lot but deliver little?

It’s not your fault. There are tons of courses on the market about selling physical products on Amazon, that are full of fluff and short-term strategies that mostly don’t bring the desired results. This is where the Amazon BOSS division changes the game.

So, welcome to the Amazon BOSS division, where your aspirations meet my expertise. Here, I understand the challenges you face and offer a new and different path to success. My offerings are designed with one goal in mind – to empower you to achieve business success and the freedom lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

For me and my team, it’s all about your growth, your journey, and your results. Dive into my range of tailor-made services, each crafted to address different facets of your Amazon ventures. From mastering the complete basics of selling on Amazon to preparing your business for a lucrative exit, we’ve got you covered. Whether you choose to navigate through my coaching curriculum yourself or prefer direct guidance from me, I’m here to accelerate your path to success.

Begin your journey towards Amazon selling mastery and the freedom lifestyle you deserve. With e-com BOSS Academy, you’re not just learning to sell; you’re building a sustainable business and a life of freedom.

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Self Study Courses

Course: Selling for profit journey

Selling for Profit Journey
€597 EUR/m

Tired of the 9-5 grind and dreaming of a freedom lifestyle? The Selling for Profit Journey program is your gateway to transforming this dream into reality. Perfect for beginners and those aspiring to escape the daily job routine, this program introduces you to the exciting world of Amazon selling.

Course: Breakthrough Scaling Accelerator

Breakthrough Scaling Accelerator
€1.497 EUR/m

Elevate your Amazon business from short-term wins to substantial, long-term success with the Breakthrough Scaling Accelerator program. Designed for existing and advanced Amazon sellers, this program is your key to unlocking the full potential of your e-commerce business.

Course: Exit Potential Mastery

Exit Potential Mastery
€4.997 EUR/m

Are you ready to transition from simply profiting on Amazon to selling your business for an unimaginable price? The Exit Potential Mastery program is your strategic guide to achieving just that. Discover the power of my proprietary ExitWithConfidence framework and transform the way you operate, value, and sell your Amazon business.

Guided Growth With Me

Weekly Personalized Amazon Accountability Calls

Personalized Accountability Calls
€997 EUR/m

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced Amazon seller, or aiming for a high-value business exit, my Weekly Personalized Amazon Accountability Calls are designed to keep you on track towards success.

Weekly Personalized Amazon Business Strategy Coaching

Personalized Strategy Coaching
€2.997 EUR/m

Are you ready to take your Amazon business to unprecedented heights? In these weekly one-hour sessions, it’s all about you and your business. I dive deep into your specific case, focusing on strategic moves and tactics that align with your objectives.

Full-Day Intensive Amazon Strategy Coaching (In Slovenia)

Full-Day Coaching in Slovenia
€20.000 EUR

If an hour of strategic coaching per week isn’t enough for you and you prefer an intensive, strategy-rich day tailored to your specific business needs, then the Full-Day Intensive Amazon Strategy Coaching in Slovenia is just for you

Fly-To-You Full-Day Intensive Amazon Strategy Coaching (In US, UK, AU, EU)

Fly-To-You Full-Day Coaching
€25.000 EUR

Available in the US, UK, AU, and EU, this service brings the same high-impact, strategy-rich coaching to your doorstep. It’s designed for those who prefer the convenience and comfort of an in-person, intensive Amazon coaching experience in their own locale.

Custom Services

Amazon Product Listing Expert Review Service

Product Listing Review
€597 EUR

Wondering why your Amazon listing isn’t converting as expected? This service is ideal if you’re seeking a professional review of your Amazon listing but aren’t quite ready to commit to full-scale coaching.

Amazon PPC Campaigns Expert Review Service

PPC Campaigns Review
€997 EUR

Are your PPC campaigns bleeding you money? The Amazon PPC Campaigns Expert Analysis is your pathway to fine-tuning your advertising efforts for optimal performance and profitability.

Why work with us?

We don’t just teach theory, we give you years of our own experience. Through our courses, applicable coachings and accountability calls we provide you with a shortcut to your stable and independent 7+ figure e-com business.

Our evergreen e-com strategies don’t die tomorrow. They are valid today and will be valid in the future. What’s more, they don’t depend on only one sales channel.

We believe that every e-com owner should live their freedom lifestyle.

Build Your e-com, Live Your Dreams

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