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Are you an online store owner who’s struggling to attract new customers, increase their spending, and ensure they keep coming back? Do you feel frustrated with “online gurus” who constantly push the next “winning” product strategy, while your store is barely breaking even?

The online world is flooded with courses that claim to unlock e-commerce success, from launching a Shopify store to finding trending products. However, what these courses often overlook is a fundamental truth: an online store without a well-established sales process is just a storefront. Visitors may come, but they leave without buying, because there’s no effective system to sell them your products. This is where the e-com BOSS division changes the game.

As someone who has walked the path you’re on, I understand your struggles and know exactly what it takes to scale your online profits. My offerings are designed with one goal in mind – to empower you to achieve e-commerce success and the freedom lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

For me and my team, it’s all about your growth, your journey, and your results. Dive into my range of tailor-made services, each designed to maximize profits of your Shopify store or custom-made online store. We deep dive into the fundamentals, finding demand and crafting irresistible offers that sell themselves, laying the groundwork for a sales process optimized for maximizing profits.

For those looking to go further, I offer coaching on developing a sales process that not only converts initially but also ensures ongoing customer engagement and repeat purchases. And for the truly ambitious, I guide you in shifting from product-centric strategies to market-driven, problem-solving domination.

So, choose your path: delve into my evergreen materials on your own or opt for my direct guidance. Either way, I’m here to fast-track your path to e-commerce mastery and the freedom lifestyle you deserve.

Become an e-com BOSS today!

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Self Study Courses

Peak Profit e-Commerce Program

Peak Profit e-Commerce
€597 EUR/m

Are you an e-commerce store owner caught in the cycle of modest sales, aspiring to achieve greater profitability? The Peak Profit e-Commerce program is crafted just for you. Designed for owners of Shopify store or custom-made online store, this program is your path to overcoming stagnant sales and scaling your profits substantially.

Recurring Revenue Generator Program

Recurring Revenue Generator
€1.497 EUR/m

Are you already achieving success with my Peak Profit e-Commerce, and consistently making over 50K a month through e-com funnels? It’s time to transform your business with the Recurring Revenue Generator program. Perfect for experienced e-commerce sellers, this program guides you in evolving from a single transaction focus to a sustainable, recurring revenue cash machine. Say goodbye to money struggles; your time and financial freedom start here.

Problem Driven e-Commerce Domination Program

Problem-Driven e-com Domination
€2.997 EUR/m

Are you already achieving success with my Recurring Revenue Generator, and consistently making over 100K a month through e-com funnels? It’s time to dominate your market with Problem-Driven e-com Domination program. Perfect for advanced e-commerce sellers, this program guides you in getting customers to find you instead of you chasing them. Enroll now and begin your journey to becoming an e-commerce BOSS.

Guided Growth With Me

Weekly Personalized Amazon Accountability Calls

Personalized Accountability Calls
€997 EUR/m

In the challenging journey of managing an e-commerce business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of your goals. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced owner of a Shopify or custom-made online store, my Weekly Personalized e-Commerce Accountability Calls are your pathway to success.

Weekly Personalized Amazon Business Strategy Coaching

Personalized Strategy Coaching
€2.997 EUR/m

Do you prefer personal coaching over self-study? Are you a driven Shopify or custom-made online store owner eager to scale your profits quickly? If so, my Weekly Personalized e-Commerce Strategy Coaching is designed just for you.

Full-Day Intensive Amazon Strategy Coaching (In Slovenia)

Full-Day Coaching in Slovenia
€20.000 EUR

If an hour of strategic coaching per week isn’t enough for you and you prefer an intensive, strategy-rich day tailored to your specific business needs, then the Full-Day Intensive e-Commerce Strategy Coaching in Slovenia is just for you

Fly-To-You Full-Day Intensive Amazon Strategy Coaching (In US, UK, AU, EU)

Fly-To-You Full-Day Coaching
€25.000 EUR

Available in the US, UK, AU, and EU, this service brings the same high-impact, strategy-rich coaching to your doorstep. It’s designed for those who prefer the convenience and comfort of an in-person, intensive e-commerce coaching experience in their own locale.

Custom Services

e-Commerce Store Expert Review Service

e-Commerce Store Expert Review
€597 EUR

Unsure why your Shopify or custom-made online store isn’t converting as you want? Our e-Commerce Store Expert Review is perfect for those seeking a professional evaluation of their online store without committing to full-scale coaching.

e-Commerce Offer Expert Review Service

e-Commerce Offer Expert Review
€997 EUR

Is your e-commerce offer falling short, not bringing in the sales and profits you desire? The e-Commerce Offer Review is your solution to shift the dynamic – from chasing customers to having them be irresistibly drawn to you.

Why work with us?

We don’t just teach theory, we give you years of our own experience. Through our courses, applicable coachings and accountability calls we provide you with a shortcut to your stable and independent 7+ figure e-com business.

Our evergreen e-com strategies don’t die tomorrow. They are valid today and will be valid in the future. What’s more, they don’t depend on only one sales channel.

We believe that every e-com owner should live their freedom lifestyle.

Build Your e-com, Live Your Dreams

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